Home Security in Savannah, Georgia

Whether you rent or own, selecting a local, Savannah based home security provider is one of the most important choices you will make. Select a company with a strong reputation and a proven ability to provide the highest quality home and business protection for your Savannah residence.

Go with the best for your home and loved ones; use SafeTouch® for all of your home security needs!

Why Choose SafeTouch?

Installation by the professionals at SafeTouch

Have your home or business security system installed by a company with a reputation for quality and reliability.

  • With over twenty years of experience, SafeTouch® professionals are able to install the most basic systems as well as the most complex and advanced home security systems.
  • Our company is a well-known and respected provider, and we take care to carefully screen and fully license all of our employees. All of our installation and service technicians are employees of SafeTouch. We do not use sub-contractors. Everyone who comes into your home as a representative of SafeTouch® is fully licensed and undergoes extensive background and drug checks.
  • You can trust SafeTouch® with your home security system installation for both quality and protection.


Home security alarm monitoring

In addition to installation services, SafeTouch® offers reliable and quick home security alarm monitoring from our professional and highly trained staff.

  • At SafeTouch, we guarantee a 45 second response for all of our home and business security alarm monitoring customers. We beat that time consistently, as our average response time is only eleven seconds.
  • Our monitoring is done from our own response center, owned, operated, and staffed by SafeTouch. We even have our own backup facilities for the ultimate in reliability.


You can trust SafeTouch

As the nation’s largest independent communications-security company, SafeTouch® is a proven and reliable home security company.

  • SafeTouch® has been in the home security business for more than two decades.
  • SafeTouch® understands what it takes to be a leader in home security. Our thousands of customers will tell you that we work hard to provide the highest quality service and maintain customer satisfaction.


For the best choice in home security in Savannah, go with the home  and business protection authorities. SafeTouch® home security will make it easier for you to sleep at night, confident and assured that the people and things that matter most are watched over by SafeTouch.


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